Beneficial Financial Services

Owning a business can be a rewarding experience. This experience does come with a unique set of needs. Financial issues need to be addressed and monitored by advisor such as Doug Foshee to ensure the success of the business. Hiring out for financial services help is a wise investment that will relief stress and worry.



Bookkeeping may seem like an easy task for some. Although when running a business bookkeeping can prove to be a daunting task that many simply do not have the time to do properly. Hiring a bookkeeper is one way to keep records in order, track profits and losses, and ensure that the business runs smoothly in a financial sense.


Many have thier bookkeeper do their accounting, but it is best to hire different people to perform the two tasks. The accountant will be the individual that performs the task of collaborating taxes. These taxes will also entail tracking what taxes have been paid for employees as well as tracking losses that can be written off. The accountant makes sure that everything remains in order with the books and is able to attest for the financial health or weakness of the business.


Either the accountant or the bookkeeper can do the payroll for the business. Many times it is the accountant because the payroll is directly related to the taxes that must be filed every year. Payroll will entail tabulating how much each employee has earned, and what taxes need to be deducted from their checks. They will also have the task of issuing the tax statements to each employee every year.

Other Financial Help

The business owner may choose to also have someone in their corner as pertaining to growth and investments. This individual will aid in maximizing profits, reinvesting those profits for greater gains, as well as pinpointing areas where the business can grow. This person will be vested with the task of advisement for the business owner that will help the owner become even more successful.


Products and Inventory

Smaller businesses will typically have a manager deal with their inventory. Medium businesses may choose to hire someone separate from their day to day employees to deal with inventory issues. The inventory specialist will have the ability to track sales and see what is selling and what is not really moving very well. This person will be able to identify these trends and use them to project new products for the business as well as suggest those products that should be terminated.


It is always wise to have a banking institution or a go to person where the business can take out loans in order to expand. These persons can typically get the loans based on their sales and their financial health. The lending authorities will deal with the accountants to determine how much is a safe lending amount that the business will have the ability to pay back based on their assets. These loans help growth in the busines and can aid to the financial health of the business.